Welcome to Oldships.org

I have some ideas I'd like to share with you... I'd like your help to forward them

Welcome to Oldships.org

Oldships is one persons simple collection of random ideas, adventures and experiences and a never ending quest to improve the world. It's slightly more than a blog...

Oldships.org is the quasi anonymous website of an average persons life adventures, experiences, dreams, pursuits, passions, wisdom and ideas. It's here to represent the potential for growth and positive change that exists within each of us. Oldships endeavors to introduce you to a few true role models quietly lurking amongst us so that we might all benefit from their wisdom, their triumphs and their tragedies, and from their accomplishments and life experiences. Somewhere deep down there is a positive role model that exists within each of us.

The site endeavors to quietly allow a glimpse into one persons wisdom and experiences, travels, thoughts, and their visions and ideas for positive change in hopes that this might in some simple way benefit the lives of others. Oldships hopes that from this brief glimpse into it's own life that others might find hope or inspiration to reach out and accomplish many of their own dreams. It serves to inspire people to improve the lives of countless unknown others.

Oldships is constantly reworking this site in an effort to share ideas, images, travels and experiences as it's content, cruising kitty and coding skills allow. A photo gallery will be forth coming soon, hopefully.